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Not Bye Everyone, not bye Livejournal
funky pose, posing, Sangi
Ignore this entry - I'm not leaving LJ yet.

LiveJournal just got me to do what nobody else could do,not myspace, not Yahoo, not FaceBook, not even Google.  And that is to get me to move my primary blog off of LiveJournal!  They forced me to view something (presumably an ad, but it doesn't matter; there was no way to close it and continue on to what *I* was doing) before I accessed my page.  Bye. It's been good.  You can find me over on FaceBook.

I re-enabled AdBlock Plus in FireFox and that apparently took care of the problem.  Maybe I will keep my LJ.  I've had it so long and been through so much with it, I'd hate to have to give it up like that *snaps fingers*

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And you were cruising without Adblock/Noscript in firefox.....why?


Wow. I agree with Sphynx, install an ad-blocker addon in Firefox ASAP. I use Adblock Plus and never see any ads. ^_^

I'm familiar with both Blogger and WordPress, so if you decide to go one of those ways, holla if you need any help.

If I may make a suggestion, Tumblr is another popular (free) blog service that's been around a while and I've been toying with that seems pretty fun (lots of blogs to explore on there).

I will re-enable Adblock Plus

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