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Sanguinarius's Little Corner of Babble

Random Crap from Sangi

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Submissions to Sanguinarius.org
funky pose, posing, Sangi
If you emailed an article or materials to Sanguinarius / Sanguinarius.org and 1.) you haven't heard back from me; 2.) the material has not been posted on sanguinarius.org; and/or 3.) Your email got returned to you, please re-email it/them. I lost a LOT of email when my old computer suddenly died. Your article/s probably was/were in my in-box but I had not had a chance to read or process it/them yet.

If you have an article, review of a book having to do with real vampires or the community or realistic fiction, or other material you'd like me to consider posting on Sanguinarius.org please send it in.

Please do not send questions, turn-me requests, regular communications, etc. to the following email address; it is for submissions to the site only!

Please email submissions to submissions (at) sanguinarius (dot) org

Thank you,