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Good Vampires Do
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I am working on developing a new section on that showcases the good things real vampires do.  This could include anecdotes about their experiences while volunteering for a charitable organization, helping out with a neighborhood block party or seasonal festival, EMTs saving lives, supporting a cause, working with animals, handicapped people or the elderly, catching criminals, or what have you.  Send your anecdotal submissions to submissions (at) and be sure to include the name/credit/webpage/email address/whatever you wish me to credit you for your story, and I will get back with you when I publish it.

Please also spread the word about the new "Good Vampires Do" section.  It's not created yet; I need to gather some materials for it first.  (An empty "Good Vampires Do" section might look kinda bad, if you know what I get to writing down your experiences and send them in before you put it off and never do it.)


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