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Sanguinarius's Little Corner of Babble

Random Crap from Sangi

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Sangi's surgery announcement (crossposted)
funky pose, posing, Sangi
 I will be having some major surgery done in a week, if all goes according to schedule and as planned.  On or approximately August 14th, I will be going in to the hospital to have my Aortic Arch repaired (open heart surgery). I've gotten a few preliminary tests done ahead of time to make sure I'm okay for the surgery.

It's a very long and involved operation (something like 10 hours, I think they said), and I'm not sure how long I will remain in the hospital after it's been done (probably at least 2 weeks), or how long I will spend at home recuperating before I even feel like doing anything but lying around all doped up on painkillers.  My dad had the same condition as I do (Marfan's Syndrome) and the same surgery.  I think my mom said that he did not have a lot of pain, but I am a big wuss when it comes to pain.

I have my cell phone linked to my FaceBook account, so I will be able to send status updates to my wall once I am coherent enough and feel like it.  In the meantime, Jeff will probably post updates on my wall.  Unfortunately (for some people), I believe you will need a FaceBook account to view these updates, although you do not have to be on my Friends' list.  I am Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius on FB and my url is <https://www.facebook.com/sangivamp>.  Feel free to send healing energies, prayers, and warm wishes, but please do NOT email me.

I am making arrangements to preserve and pass on Sanguinarius.org (or at least the information contained, like articles, guide, visitors' experiences, etc.) should the unthinkable happen and I die or become a vegetable or otherwise be unable to function according to normal ability.  This is not likely, but there is a possibility and I would be remiss if I did not prepare for it.  I'm too stubborn to just give up without a fight, though.  ;)