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Sanguinarius's Little Corner of Babble

Random Crap from Sangi

Sanguinarius's surgery update (2012-10-31)
funky pose, posing, Sangi
To make a long story short, the thoracic surgeon who was going to do my surgery decided not to at this point because the risk factors outweigh the benefit factors.  They are going to monitor my condition every 6 months or a year for the time being, and unless the dissection or aorta's diameter gets larger (it seems to be pretty stable at this point), then just leave it alone and monitor it.  if it enlarges any, then surgery may become an option again.  But at this point, it's too risky to do what they need to do.

So for me, it's back to taking Ambien at night so I can fall asleep without keeping awake worrying that something might happen (and I am about 30 minutes away by ambulance from the nearest hospital).